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   Linda and Edward Barniskis are Learning Consultants who have been involved
   in the diagnosis and treatment of learning styles for both children and adults
 in their private practice since 1979.  They are well known as teachers and 
educational administrators, professional coaches, conference presenters,  
and have also been keynote speakers at national conventions.   Both have
taught graduate level university courses, are published authors, and have  
        been featured in newspaper, radio, television, and internet programs.       





MARC's commitment to the diagnosis and treatment of learning style differences has been a groundbreaking phenomenon, which has evolved into a new understanding of behavior and learning.  This improved process of determining learning issues related to giftedness, developmental delays, learning disabilities, and/or ADD, Asperger's, and Autistic Spectrum Disorders results in more effective individualized interventions.  MARC's ongoing commitment is to help individuals with learning style differences achieve their true potential, and to discover their many "gifts and talents".


MARC, Inc. has been certified by the New Jersey State Department of Education since 1979 to provide professional, unbiased, independent Child Study Team evaluations.  Our experienced staff administers comprehensive and evidenced-based assessments.  We recommend programs based on the "needs of the student" rather than the "limitations of available programs".


This comprehensive evaluation involves individually administered academic and cognitive measures in a relaxed, comfortable environment in conjunction with historical information obtained through interviews, checklists, document review, etc.  Results are presented in a written report during an in-depth discussion session.  This transitional session allows the client and/or family to learn specific strategies and accommodations that will address their learning style, where to find needed interventions, and how to obtain these strategies/accommodations in an academic or work environment.


The Neuro-Cognitive Medication Assessment measures a client's cognitive functioning on and off medication(s) to determine each individual's best medicine and dosage for their learning ability.  This process is more sensitive in determining medication's impact on learning than traditional behavioral rating scales.  Used in conjunction with physician monitoring, family/school/work feedback, and self-reporting, the Neuro-Cognitive Medication Assessment provides a much needed tangible measure for determining how prescribed medications impact one's learning and cognitive ability.


Our individual tutoring program has a 25+year history of excellence in developing academic success through mentoring, confidence-building, and teaching students to learn how to learn in a one-on-one instructional setting with highly qualified, experienced teachers.  Sessions are scheduled according to grade level, subject matter, learning/study/organizational strategies needed, and appropriate student-teacher match.  Standardized test prep programs (PSAT, SAT, LSAT, GRE, MCAT) are also taught in a one-on-one setting.


Cognitive-based executive, career, life skill, and ADD coaching programs are provided by highly qualified, experienced coaches.  Learn how to identify long term goals and establish daily objectives to reach these goals while working with coaches who "have trained coaches nationally" and have been involved with the coaching field since 1987.  Feel empowered to reach levels of success you only dreamed were possible.


MARC is also credited with the establishment of the area's first professional support group, Tower of London, in 1994 for the study of the diagnosis and treatment of children and adults with developmental differences including ADD, Asperger's, Autistic Spectrum, giftedness, etc.  Pediatricians, neurologists, family physicians, learning consultants, nurse practitioners, psychologists, audiologists, speech pathologists, neuro-psychologists, social workers, and educators meet monthly, to discuss and share the most effective strategies and recent research.